6th European Conference “Healthy Work - Healthy Lifestyle - Healthy Business”

The 6th European Conference “HEALTHY WORK - HEALTHY LIFESTYLE - HEALTHY BUSINESS” will take place on 27th - 28th April in Perugia, Italy.

On the question of how to integrate lifestyle management in working life, three specific issues will be addressed at the conference: “Working life on the move: Ergonomics, Fitness and Well-being”, “Work and stress: Spice of life or kiss of death?”, “Clearing the air at work”, “The enjoyment of a smoke-free workplace”.

The Conference will also provide a platform for practitioners identified during the Move Europe campaign to present findings and demonstrate methods, tools and approaches for better health and well-being at workplaces.

Please note that there are only 45 days to register for the 6th European Conference on Promoting Workplace Health. The registration form can be found on the website:http://www.grifoviaggi.it/prenotazioni/.

More information about the Conference is available online at http://www.enwhp.org/index.php?id=593.

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